by Kristen A. Jenson, MA

Celebrate Addiction RecoverySeptember is National Recovery Month. Recovery from addiction. We all know someone whose life has been damaged or even destroyed by addiction. So what’s to celebrate?

Treatment Can Work!

The SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) website explains why we need this national observance:

“To educate Americans that substance use treatment and mental health services can enable those with a mental and/or substance use disorder to live a healthy and rewarding life.”

In other words, let’s celebrate the hard won gains of millions of Americans who have reclaimed their lives from addiction and the treatment providers who have helped them.

I think it’s a great idea! Where’s the cake? (Oops, I’m addicted to sugar, so I’d better skip that!)

Addiction is Ugly

Seriously, addiction causes untold pain to adults as well as children. I know because my dad was an alcoholic. He attempted recovery several times but sadly went to his (early) grave as an alcoholic. My dad’s addiction was a major factor in my parent’s divorce, and the fall-out was heartbreaking for me and my three sisters.

young Couple not talking after fight in living roomBut here’s the truth: I hear virtually the same story from families destroyed by pornography addiction. In some ways, pornography addiction may be even worse because of the betrayal trauma it causes in spouses.

The Good News

Fortunately, today we understand so much more about the neural processes of addiction, and we have better treatment programs, not only for addicts but for their families as well.

The momentum against addiction is building!

In fact, we’ll be participating in four conferences this month to spread our porn addiction prevention message and to learn from other experts. Check them out and come see us if you can!

I applaud everyone who is helping to promote addiction recovery. And when it comes to sexual addictions, we can all do something to help (because we’re all affected). We can help PREVENT addiction in the first place!

Call to Action: All Hands on Deck!

Take these actions to add your energy to the movement!WARNED BOY

  1. Learn the facts about how pornography can become an addiction.
  2. Share our blog with your friends and family. Pass on the power of a PornProof Kid!
  3. Let people know that every child deserves to be warned about the dangers of pornography. Every. Last. Child. 

Faith-Based Addiction Recovery Resources

In honor of the National Recovery Month, you may want to check out these new addiction recovery videos produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Kristen Jenson
Kristen A. Jenson is the founder of Protect Young Minds and author of Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today's Young Kids. Kristen enjoys speaking, writing and anything else that will help empower kids to reject pornography. Kristen earned a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and a master’s degree in Organizational Communication. Kristen currently lives with her husband in Washington State, where she enjoys growing a vegetable garden, watching Masterpiece Theater, and taking long walks with friends who tolerate her incessant talking about you know what. Above all else, her husband and three children are her greatest treasures.