Schools Turn Cell Phones Off to Turn Learning On

Great News! Schools are helping kids get off their phones!

There’s a growing trend that’s making waves this year in classrooms around Canada and the United States: mobile phone bans in classrooms! San Mateo High School in California is using a novel approach to limit cellphones in their schools.  To enforce their ban, students place their cellphone in a fabric pouch from Yondr that locks up the phone.… Read More

When Should Kids Have Cell Phones? Savvy Parents Reveal Best Strategies

At what age should kids have cell phones? That’s something all parents are wondering today! Are there guidelines that will make your decision easier? Or ingenious new products that can give your child the ability to call you without granting them total access to the internet? Yes! We asked members of our Facebook Parent Discussion group: “What age do you let your children get a cell phone?… Read More

Cell Phones: A Gateway to Porn for Kids?

Cell phone prices are coming down. Perceived threats to children are going up. Many parents see cell phones as a safety measure for their kids…for peace of mind to help track their physical whereabouts. What’s the harm in buying little Aubrey a cell for her birthday? Ironically, cell phones may cause more harm than good for kids when it comes to pornography.… Read More

Best Phones for Kids: Parents Give Honest Reviews on Gabb Wireless

Last fall Gabb Wireless launched a new phone designed especially for preteens. It generated a lot of attention from parents seeking the best phones for their kids. Tech sites called it the “world’s dumbest smartphone.” It was designed to help families communicate with kids while keeping them safe from all the dangers that a full smartphone makes available (like pornography, sexting, cyberbullying, gaming and social media addictions, etc.)… Read More

Should You Give Your Kid a Phone? Easy Guide with 3 Great Options: Relay, Gabb and ClearPhone

We agonize over when to give our kids their first phone, but what kind of cell phone to give them is becoming just as big of a question. Retailers are swooping in with phones directed at this new “first phone” market, like Relay, Gabb Wireless, and ClearPhone. But will these phones really keep kids safe from the dangers of smartphones? Most of us recognize the danger (and expense) in handing a teen an iPhone with unfiltered access to social media and the internet. … Read More

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