Code Words: Giving Kids an Easy (and Safe) Way Out

Do your kids know how to get out of a scary situation? Do they understand how to ask for your help when it’s embarrassing to ask? Would your child ever stay in a dangerous situation because they didn’t know of a discreet way to leave? Code words can help! (Pssst! If kids could handle every social situation on their own they wouldn’t be kids!… Read More

Parent Alert: Is Roblox Safe for Kids? Watch Out for These 4 Dangers

Our regular Parent Alert! news updates help parents stay ahead of the trends affecting kids in our hypersexualized culture.

4 Dangers of Roblox

Do your kids enjoy Roblox? It can be creative fun, but you also need to understand and guard against some significant risks to your kids! What is Roblox? Roblox is a multiplayer online game creation platform. Users create their own games and play games created by others. … Read More

Are Your Kids Safe from Abuse in Sports? 3 Questions Every Parent Should Ask

Little league baseball, rep hockey, competitive swimming, after-school tennis lessons, karate classes . . . so many sports for our kids to choose from! Whatever activity your child chooses, the benefits of participating in youth sports are almost endless: they can improve outcomes in all areas including physical, social, psychological, academic and health. In well-structured sports, children receive opportunities to set and meet personal goals, develop lasting friendships and enhance problem-solving skills.… Read More

5 Sneaky Locations Porn Finds Kids

“Use the buddy system; look both ways before you cross the street; come straight home after school; and stay clear of the porn dealers lurking on your path!” Ok, so you wouldn’t say it like that… but we do need to remind our kids how to recognize and reject pornography no matter where they are.  

Pornography is now available to anyone, anytime, anywhere

Is it just me, or does anyone else remember the corner video store?… Read More

Police Mom Reveals Secret Weapon to Protect Kids from Porn

Police see the tragic fallout of pornography everyday as they investigate sex crimes against children. But what happens when one of their own children are caught looking at porn? In this post a police mom shares a secret weapon to protect kids from porn. By teaching her 10-year-old son to empathize, she created a convincing rationale to overcome his compulsion to look again. Can your kid empathize?… Read More

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