One Secret to Make Embarrassing Talks Easier for Kids

Getting kids to talk with you about embarrassing subjects is a common challenge for parents, especially parents of tweens and teens. But what if you’re trying to help your teen recover from porn use? That may involve even more embarrassment. Recently I spoke with a mom who is helping her teenage son to overcome an addiction to pornography. To protect her and her son’s privacy, she goes by a pseudonym, Cynthia Sleepy.… Read More

3 Ways Grandparents CAN Help Kids Reject Pornography

This week, one of my best friends asked me how she could talk to her daughter about pornography. The catch is, her daughter is a grown woman with children of her own. And it’s her grandkids she’s worried about.  My friend (we’ll call her Frances for fun) adores these kids. Like most grandparents, she is happy to spoil them with an overabundance of love and let mom and dad take care of the day-to-day grind. 

A grandparent’s observation

However, on their last visit, Frances noticed some patterns of behavior that got her thinking more about the grandkids’ online safety.… Read More

It’s Awkward, and It’s OK: You CAN Talk to Your Kids About Pornography

How old was your child when you first talked with them about pornography? Our kids were eight and ten. Before this time, they understood the basics of sex and some of the dangers that lurk on the Internet. We explained in general terms the “why” behind our family restrictions for media and entertainment — the movies they could watch, the music they could listen to and what they could do on computers.… Read More

The Real Experts (Kids!) Inspire Parents to Talk About Pornography

This article is part of Talk Today, Safer Tomorrow, a national campaign from The Safeguard Alliance and the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to help parents protect children from the harms of pornography. Get your free guide – Talk Today, Safer Tomorrow! 10 Easy Conversation Starters – and resources from our partners at the end of this post.  #TalkToYourKids #TalkTodaySaferTomorrow If only you could peek into a child’s mind when talking to them about the dangers of pornography!… Read More

Good News! Project Arachnid Tracks Down Child Abuse Images and Protects Survivors

Imagine an “army of spiders” crawling the internet through millions of websites at lightning speed. Sound creepy? Well, yes and no!  What if the “army of spiders” was on a determined hunt to track and flag child sexual abuse material for destruction? Sound impossible? Then meet Project Arachnid – a software tool developed by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. In January 2017, Project Arachnid was released to detect images and videos of child sexual abuse using Microsoft’s Photo DNA technology.… Read More

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