Teach Kids Two Ways to "Forget" Porn

I got very sick on Monday. Without giving too much information, I quickly became very grateful for indoor plumbing! A microscopic virus got inside of me and my body knew just what to do: clean out the entire GI tract immediately! Unfortunately, our brains have no such ability to expel pornography. Images “stick” and can last for a lifetime. Dr. Jill C.… Read More

Online Safety Refresher! 3 Checklists to Protect Your Kids

Now’s the perfect time to brush up on your online safety strategies! In fact, several of our readers asked for an Online Safety Refresher, and that’s exactly what we developed!  (In just a few minutes, you can go from fear to fearless–so check it out!) These three checklists will help you with the 3 “T’s” of online safety: 
  • Tackle the Tech,
  • Track Online Activity, and 
  • Teach Refusal Skills. 
  • Read More

    Don’t Let Devices Ruin Your Holiday! 12 Tech Tips for Parents

    The Christmas Tech Safety Countdown is On! 

    In just a few weeks, the kids are going to toss their backpacks and school books aside for a well-earned break. This also means that they will be looking for things to do! Some of those things will inevitably involve tech. Before your kids get settled in for the holidays, take a few minutes to go over these twelve tech tips for parents to plan and enjoy a memorable time with your family.… Read More

    How Porn Hijacks Young Brains and 3 Effective Ways to Defend Your Kids (Part 4)

    This is part 4 of a four-part series by Sam Black from Covenant Eyes. Sam teaches parents all over the country how to prepare their children to be safe online. He also serves on the Protect Young Minds advisory council. Don’t miss part 1, part 2 and part 3! At a conference in Florida, a mom came running to our Covenant Eyes booth and exclaimed, “I attended your session last year and I’m so glad.… Read More

    Parents and Teachers! Check Out Google’s New Toolkit and Help Kids Be Internet Awesome

    Have you ever had a phishing lesson? No, not the kind near a river or lake . . . Though “phishers,” or scammers, do use bait to try and steal personal info from you on the internet. Do you remember how or when you learned about phishing on the web? As adults, we often take for granted the things we learned along the way – like never click on an email from someone you don’t know.… Read More

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