Teach Kids Two Ways to "Forget" Porn

I got very sick on Monday. Without giving too much information, I quickly became very grateful for indoor plumbing! A microscopic virus got inside of me and my body knew just what to do: clean out the entire GI tract immediately! Unfortunately, our brains have no such ability to expel pornography. Images “stick” and can last for a lifetime. Dr. Jill C.… Read More

Babysitters & Tech: 5 Tips to Keep Kids Safe From Pornography

The number for poison control is hanging on the fridge – check. You’re ready to hug your kids and wave goodbye to the babysitter. But wait! Did you go over any rules to keep kids safe from pornography? Consider this: The minute a babysitter enters your home (yay, date night!), you’ve also likely invited in a smartphone. Let’s go over a few ways to protect your kids from pornography when they’re being cared for by someone other than YOU.… Read More

NEW Netflix Parental Controls: Step-by-Step Guide to Update Your Settings!

Netflix provides some great content for kids, including educational titles. But it’s also got some questionable content, from objectification of children in Cuties to soft core porn in Bridgerton. Because Netflix is not broadcast over the air, its content is not subject to broadcast standards that protect children. Every parent should set parental controls on streaming services to keep their kids safe from adult content.… Read More

My Story of Healing From Pornography Addiction: The 7-Step Plan Every Kid Can Use to Change Their Habits One Day at a Time

I have battled my pornography addiction for over a decade now. I am only 28. I’ve completed my undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree. I’m married and we have children. I have a good job in a respectable profession. I have a full and happy life.  However, as a direct result of my decision to look at pornography as a young man, unnecessary pain and struggle have constantly loomed in my life and occasionally flooded everything that is important to me.… Read More

Don’t Let Devices Ruin Your Holiday! 12 Tech Tips for Parents

The Christmas Tech Safety Countdown is On! 

In just a few weeks, the kids are going to toss their backpacks and school books aside for a well-earned break. This also means that they will be looking for things to do! Some of those things will inevitably involve tech. Before your kids get settled in for the holidays, take a few minutes to go over these twelve tech tips for parents to plan and enjoy a memorable time with your family.… Read More

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