Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr:
A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds

Even young children have access to the internet and they deserve to be armed early against its dangers.
Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr makes it easy for parents to protect young children ages 3-6 with the Turn, Run & Tell plan!
Written by the best-selling author of the original Good Pictures Bad Pictures book, the Jr version is a comfortable way for parents to empower their young kids with their first internal filter!
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“Our kids deserve to be warned about the very real dangers of pornography in a simple way they can understand. As a mom of two preschoolers growing up in a digital world, I am thrilled to recommend Good Pictures Bad Picture Jr!

Dawn Hawkins, VP & Executive Director National Center on Sexual Exploitation

A Comfortable Way to Introduce a Difficult Topic

“Protecting our young kids from internet pornography seems so intimidating! What a gift to be able to sit with our little ones on our laps, look at these beautiful pictures, and read and discuss together a daunting topic in such an easy way!” 

Melody Bergman, Blogger at MamaCrossroads and mom of 3

A Proven Action Plan for Kids to Use When Exposed to Pornography

Using gentle, age-appropriate messages and beautiful, calming illustrations, Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr empowers children with the Turn, Run & Tell plan, a simple 3-step strategy to keep kids safe online.

Also included are five important safety rules that every kid growing up in the digital age should know.