Kids CAN Learn to Reject Pornography

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Prepare & Prevent

Prepare Your Kids to Protect Themselves from Porn

Until our society makes the internet safe for kids, parents must be proactive in teaching what pornography is, why it's dangerous and exactly how to reject it. The good news is that you CAN DO it!

Help & Heal

Help Your Child Heal From Porn Exposure or Addiction

It can be scary to find out your kids have viewed pornography. How should I respond? Can I help them stop? Parents can help their kids heal from pornography use. We have a SMART Plan to show you how.

Share & Speak Up

Educate Your Community About the Effects of Porn

Are you excited to share the message that kids can learn to reject pornography? You provide the enthusiasm, and we’ll provide the tools to help you educate your community, friends, and family.

Kristen A. Jenson, Author of Good Pictures, Bad Pictures

We’re Here to Help You

Led by Kristen A. Jenson, author of the best-selling children’s book Good Pictures Bad Pictures, Protect Young Minds™ (PYM) seeks to help parents “porn-proof” their kids before they come across highly addictive and easily accessible internet pornography. Additionally, PYM offers guidance for families whose children have already been hurt by pornography, and hopes to serve as a “force multiplier” by empowering proactive people who want to educate their local communities.

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Good Pictures Bad Pictures

Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids

Good Pictures Bad Pictures is a comfortable, read-aloud story about a mom and dad who teach their child what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to reject it.

Using easy-to-understand science and simple analogies, this ground-breaking book engages young kids to porn-proof their own brains.

Good Pictures Bad Pictures is in the top 100 best-selling parenting books on Amazon.

What People Are Saying

I’m so grateful that we found your site. We’re the parents of three boys. Their futures will be largely changed by us following your simple and well thought out/researched data. Thank you, thank you!

Zachery J.

We have often turned to Protect Young Minds for what we consider to be the most useful and clinically sound prevention information out there.

Dan Garner, LMHA

CCTP, LifeStar Counseling

My six year old grandson, with the help of his friend, saw pornography on YouTube. We have discussed with him the dangers etc., but need more help! This site is truly Heaven sent.

Criss R.

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