How to Avoid the Slippery Slope of Gateway Porn

What is porn to a 7 year-old? Last month I had an interesting conversation with a friend’s husband. We were visiting them in their home, and I handed him my manuscript (Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids) to read. I appreciated his feedback. His main problem with the book was right on the first page—the definition of pornography. In fact, coming up with a definition of pornography for a younger child has been my most difficult challenge.… Read More

When Kids “Abuse” Kids: The Trend of Children Imitating Porn

Could your child be at risk for sexual abuse? It’s a scary thought, but you can reduce the risk. We’d like to help you protect your kids and prevent them from becoming a victim, or worse yet, an initiator of child sexual abuse.

Kids imitate what they see

Often when we think of child abuse, the perpetrator is an adult–a pedophile.… Read More

3 Secrets to Porn-Immune Kids

How do you immunize kids against porn? How do you porn-proof them so your kids stay safe online? It’s no different than the many other dangers you train your kids to deal with–first you warn them, but then you’ve got to practice “what you preach” so they can react appropriately when they are exposed. It’s kind of like a fire drill.… Read More

Porn Addiction Study Finds Astounding Results

“An alarming number of boys, and now girls, could be a click away from addiction. A new study finds porn can affect your brain as much as drugs and alcohol and a new generation of kids has easier access to it than ever.” Recently ABC Nightline aired a segment called The Teenage Brain on Porn highlighting the brain-changing (and brain-damaging) effects of consuming pornography.… Read More

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