We love to share helpful resources to empower families against pornography and sexual exploitation.

Protect Young Minds™ Resources

Quick Start Guide for Proactive Parents

Get started preparing your child to reject pornography with our Essentials: Prepare to Porn-Proof Your Child Guide plus an EXTRA BONUS of the new CAN DO Plan!

SMART Plan Guide for Parents

Our SMART Plan Guide for Parents will prepare you to help your child heal from pornography exposure or use. EXTRA BONUS includes Teen Shares 7 Tips for Overcoming Pornography.

Share & Speak Up Guide

Our Ambassador Kit includes a DIY Presentation Outline: Inoculating Kids Against the Pandemic of Pornography plus an EXTRA BONUS of 10 Porn Stats Every Skeptic Needs to Know.

Cover of Good Pictures Bad Pictures

Good Pictures Bad Pictures

A comfortable, read-aloud children’s book to teach kids what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to reject it using the 5-point CAN DO Plan. An Amazon #1 Best Seller with over 400 5-star reviews! (For BULK BUY information, please email

Allies in Our Cause


A non-profit organization dedicated to educating parents and their children about the harms of pornography as well as strengthening family and human connection.

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

A leading organization that opposes pornography through education and anti-obscenity laws.

Enough is Enough

A non-profit organization and national leader on making the internet safer for children. Excellent videos–check out Internet Safety 101.

Fight The New Drug

Fight the New Drug is an organization devoted to educating teens about the physical, emotional and social harms of pornography.

Porn Harms Research

Directed by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, this website is a curation of peer-reviewed research, current news, and opinion articles about the harms of pornography.


A video-based online recovery program created by Fight the New Drug. It is available for anyone and FREE for teens!

Utah Coalition Against Pornography

This non-profit organization educates the public and unites organizations.  Don’t miss the UCAP annual (springtime) conference devoted to protecting children and healing families from pornography.

White Ribbon Week

An empowering week-long school program that teaches kids to make smart choices online and to reject harmful media messages. They have resources for families, too.

Women for Decency

Women for Decency

A non-profit organization committed to educating and mobilizing women to protect families and communities from the destructive consequences of pornography.

The Freedom Journey

The Freedom Journey

Helping those impacted by pornography by focusing on growing in freedom. Freedom is a process, not a destination. We want to help you grow in the process.
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Allies in Our Cause: Faith-Based

Overcoming Pornography

Produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, this website offers support and resources to individuals and families as well as church leaders.

Purity Works

Founded by Jennie Bishop (best-selling author of The Princess and the Kiss), this non-profit Christian organization teaches a heart-focused approach to sexual purity.

Integrity Restored

Grounded in Catholic theology, this website seeks to “help restore the integrity of individuals, spouses, and families that have been affected by pornography and pornography addiction.”

Covenant Eyes

This accountability and filtering software company also offers a blog (with Christian values) full of information to help individuals, spouses, and children. (The above link is an affiliate link. If you make a purchase, we thank you for supporting Protect Young Minds!)

Protect Young Eyes

A website designed to equip and educate parents in simple terms on the latest gadgets, apps and risks faced by kids today.

S.A. Lifeline Foundation

This  non-profit organization sees God at the center of healing from pornography and sexual addiction as well as betrayal trauma. They provide resources for individuals and ecclesiastical leaders.